Beauport Classics: BC41627

All premiere recordings of Latin American music for brass quintet.  A wonderful mix of arrangements and original music from some of Latin America’s greatest composers of folkloric and popular music. Music from México, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, et al.


Deus Ex Machina

Beauport Classics: BC41522

DEUS EX MACHINA: A cutting-edge steampunk opera by Robert J. Bradshaw featuring vintage Victorian sounds and brass quintet

The Cape Ann Opera & Bala Brass
Premiere Recording

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Bala Brass: Revealed

Beauport Classics: BC41420

All Premiere Recordings:

Revealed (Robert Bradshaw)
For Then and Now  (Laurence Bitensky)
Daylight at Midnight (Dana Wilson)
Cavatina Pacifica (Ian McDougall)
Celebration and Reflection (Jack Gallagher)
Air Sculptures (David Jex)
Abstract Mosaics (Clint Needham)


All Star Brass Live in Concert 2009

Focus on Music: FOM-ASB2009

Donald Martino
Memorial Tribute Concert: Live at New England Conservatory

Navona Records: NV5811
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